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Frequently Asked Questions


What is PrInTIS

PrInTIS is stand for Implementation of Project Integrated Student Information System. It is to replace the University's previous Student Information System (ISIS) and Student Accounting System (SAS).

What is the solution has UM selected to replace the previous systems?

The selected solution is SITS provided by Tribal - a student records management system used to store, administer and manage all aspects of student information from initial enquiry and application through to Alumni.

SITS has a client interface commonly referred to as SITS:Vision or SITS and a web interface referred to as Student Records Online, SITS:eVision or just eVision. Additionally, UM has renamed the client interface to UMSItS and the web interface to MAYA in order to make system more custom to UM's campus community.

What is UMSItS?

UMSItS stands for Universiti Malaya Student Information System. It is a new student information system.

What is MAYA?

MAYA is a Universiti Malaya Academic Portal. This portal will replace the current Student portal MyUM., which can be used by both students and staff.

Why UM embarked in this Project?

The current Student Management System (ISIS), was developed in year 1996. University is looking into a modern Student Management (SMS) which should effectively support student and staff activity across the whole student lifecycle. New SMS is needed for UM to continue to grow, evolve and meet the needs of its stakeholders both now and into the future.

What are the benefits that we expect from the Project?

Benefits that we expected from this project are:

  • Improved efficiency through process redesign and adopt standard practice processes

  • Enhanced student experience through consistent delivery of fit for purpose processes and transactions

  • Enhanced user experience through interaction with more intuitive and responsive systems

What are the timescales for the Project?

This project is estimate to be completed within 2 years. Modules are release by phases with minimal viable product. However, project working team will continuously to enhance and improve the system to meet user's needs.

How and when will the new system replace old systems?

As the Project progresses, functionality will be launched in the new system replacing what is available in the old systems phase by phase based on priority. The University has decided not to launch all the functionality at a go, as there will inevitably be some need to run old systems in parallel with the new system.